This is a link of the administrators on this wiki. I hope to see this list grow. To become one, you must prove that you can edit, and write in depth articles. Administrators will be assigned as needed.

These are the original 5 administrators of the wiki.

Sora Kairi Riku VEN1 Roxas-2
ZexionTheGamer SquareEnixRocks JFHavoc LegoAlchemist KingdomKeyDarkside

ZexionTheGamer (founder of this wiki!)

SquareEnixRocks (a good editor!)

JFHavoc (made most of the templates on this wiki! DTN made some of them too.)

LegoAlchemist (A good screwup editor, template and image guy!)

KingdomKeyDarkside(Good for fixing screwups, and a residing talk bubble master of this wiki.)

These are the rest of our administrators. This group will be featured as Organization XIII.


Kingdom_zachdawg (Mod)

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