NumberXVMoogle is a bot that lives in #FFWiki and #FFWiki-help. The bot is built off MadCow. He responds to the names NumberXVMoogle, Kitty and Cat.

NumberXVMoogle has many commands, issuing the command !help in the channel will display them. He is a work in progress: NumberXVMoogle can be edited by forwarding suggestions to Adola, and is capable of learning responses by himself.

Special Inputs

  • <NOBOT> - This will stop NumberXVMoogle from logging, or accepting any command.
  • ^ - This will cause NumberXVMoogle's output to be colored, like a rainbow.
  • $USERNAME - Will display custom made user information, to have your own, contact or email Adola with what you want it to say.
  • 8ball - Gives you 8ball-esque responses.
  • Fortune - Gives you a fortune.
  • Dr. House - Dr. House gives you a crazy diagnosis, best if used with !define or !wiki
  • <query>? - Asks NumberXVMoogle a question, will respond based on learned expressions.

Commands As to this date, 12:08 Sat, 2 Jan, 2010.

  • NICKNAME++/-- - Adds, or subtracts "karma" from a user.
  • !!translate from LANG to LANG:WORD - Translates from one language to another.
  • !karma NICKNAME - Displays current karma on defined user.
  • !wiki QUERY - Searches wikipedia for query.
  • !ed QUERY - Searches Encyclopediadramatica for query.
  • !FF QUERY - Searches and gives a link (note, search user:USERNAME for the wiki page on that user.)
  • !alias [ add <key> <val> | del <#> | list ] - Adds data bits. EX: !alias add Adola THISISABITOFDATA EX: !alias del 1 EX: !alias list
  • !calc QUERY - Passes a command to google calculator.
  • !care NUMBER - Displays a "care-o-meter".
  • !define QUERY - Returns definition of query.
  • !google QUERY - Does the "I'm feeling lucky" with google on the query.
  • !help - Displays the most up-to-date commands.
  • !hugs - Grabs a random confession from
  • !joke <oneliners | news | signs | nerd | professional | quotes | lightbulb | couples | riddles | religion | gross | blonde | politics | doit | laws | defs | dirty | ethnic | zippergate> - displays a random joke
  • !noaa [location|@nick] - alternative weather (us only)
  • !rate <movie> - get rating for named movie
  • !topmovies - list top 10 box office movies
  • !roll [<numdice>d<sides>] - roll die of the specified size EX: !roll 3d5
  • !seen <nick> - query bot about last time someone was seen speaking
  • !set <location|email> <nick> <val> - sets user's location or email. EX: !set email Adola
  • !spellcheck <word> - use google to spellcheck
  • !summon <nick> [reason] - Sends user an email. (NOTE, MasterTonberry MUST know the user's email.)
  • !time <location> - ask google what time it is somewhere
  • !txt - Grabs a random text from
  • !urban QUERY - lookup word/phrase on urban dictionary (This will PM you the query)
  • !version - get bot version
  • !ec <nick> Gets the edit count of specified user.
  • !stub - Displays a link to a random stub article
  • !quiz add - Adds questions to the quiz bot's databaseNOTE: Lack of use has put this feature on hiatus.

NOTE: Please remember, with great power comes great responsibility, do not abuse the bot, if so, at least make it in a personal message, it's wonderful to use the bot for it's intended uses, and to take full advantage of it's powerful feature, however there comes a point where usage spills into spam.

That being said, have fun with the bot, his name is NumberXVMoogle, he is a cat, he enjoys people, don't be mean to him.

(If any concerns, or complains arise, please contact or email Adola at If the bot begins to freak out, or generally is acting crazy, the current leader of the channel has every right to ban him, as he will keep coming back. If however, you have nothing better to do than complain, and degrade the bot, please use the /ignore feature. The bot is only as annoying as you.)

Languages kitty can translate:

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