Day 4

I have made a new administrator. 2 actually, SER, and JFHavoc. I am positive these guys will do really good! Don't let me down!

Day 3

Today was a good day. Me and SER managed to get a lot done on the pages. I am really proud of us! Well Mainly SER, as I just fixed the mistakes!

Day 2

I have created the Journal page for the wiki! There you will find info on things. I figure 100 articles is a good amount to start until I broadcast this wiki. I am going to create character articles. Those should be a good place to start!

Day 1

Today is my first day editing on the Kingdom Hearts 3 Fan wiki. I just created it 3 hours ago. I hope to increase the number of articles and the information in them until I start to advertise. Advertising too early can be bad so I feel I should at least make 100 articles, and make sure they are in depth. I am starting to get the hang of this. I need to get Xiggie, a User from the Kingdom Hearts wiki over here. I need him, because he is good with template things, and I need talk bubbles, user bubbles, warning, banning, and tons of other things. I hope this ends up good!

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